We grow organic agricultural products of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops: wheat, rye, rapeseed, sunflower, barley and corn.
Wheat (lat. Triticum) - an annual herbaceous plant of the family Gramineae. Wheat - was and remains the main leading grain crops in Ukraine, as well as in many countries mira.Pshenitsa not only used in the production of bread - as a staple food of man, as well as nutritious fodder crop for animals, sometimes it is used in brewing.
Rye (lat. Secale cereale) - grass, rye culture was known as early as the Bronze Age. In the world of agriculture crops rye area occupies one of the last places.
Barley (lat. Hórdeum) - a genus of plants, one of the oldest crops cultivated by man. Currently barley grain widely used in the brewing industry, in the production of barley and barley grains.
Maize (Zeamays) - large genus of annual grasses, whose grains are formed in specific inflorescences - cob. Corn Sugar (Zeamays) - the only representative of the kind of cultural grass family (Poaceae), which, in turn, is divided into the following nine botanical groups.
Sunflower (lat. Helianthus [2]) - a genus of plants of the family Astrovye.Naibolee known species: sunflower oil seed and sunflower tuber. An important feature is the accumulation of oil crops in their seeds or fruits of a large amount of fatty oil.
Rape (lat. Brássica nápus) - kind of herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Cabbage cabbage family (Cruciferae). This plant is interesting because of its wild ancestor never occurs, the culture formed by crossing many thousands of years ago, cabbage and colza.