Peasant farm

Today farm "Kolos" is a rapidly growing company in the agrarian sector of Ukraine. Rapid growth provides us not only the availability of decent material-technical base, the possession of a team of professionals, but also the love for his native land.

The grain that we grow on the earth, environmentally friendly products, the manufacturing of which is a combination of the latest technology, modern scientific developments, progressive methods of soil treatment, the introduction of elements of precision farming and the successful use of highly effective methods of integrated plant protection.

Of great importance to obtain stable yields of grain crops is the degree of saturation of arable land cereals. The maximum yield is achieved in the presence of grain in the structure of arable land in the range of 50-55%. Agroliga company strictly adheres to this position in their work; correct scientific crop rotation is one of the most important factors that ensure consistent quality of our grain.


The key to high productivity lies in choosing the right technology and strict adherence to its requirements in the process of cultivation of crops. For this purpose we have developed and implemented a number of programs:

  • improving the quality of the land.
  • improvement of processing technologies lands.
  • optimizing processes and improving economic efficiency in General.


Our goal

Efficient agriculture. We know how to achieve high productivity and to get quality product without damaging the environment. Agronomists our company carefully planned crop rotation to prevent depletion of the earth.


Our values

The earth and people, everything we produce is done by the people and for the people. Our staff is a team of like - minded people, they form a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including agronomists and engineers who work closely with a global network of specialists.


Principles and strategy

The work of our company is based on three principles - honesty and integrity, openness, professionalism and responsibility. Our strategy is based on our values and principles: we participate in the creation of a civilized market, natselenny long-term partnership with our clients and strive to innovate.


Our mission

Combining the wealth of the Ukrainian lands, the professionalism of our team and financial resources, the company aims to achieve high quality that creates thereby providing our customers with excellent grain quality that meets the highest European standards. The agricultural sector of Ukraine is considered the most influential and promising in Ukraine's economy, so we consciously take responsibility for the development of agriculture and economy of the country.


The constant commitment of our team to improve the efficiency of our company and its compliance with European standards, allows us to declare ourselves as a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner.

On behalf of the Chairman of the collective farm “Kolos” let me Express sincere gratitude for Your interest and your attention to our company.

Maintain, enhance, care